Marketing for Potential Students:
Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College | 2014-2015


These pieces are from a Pacific Union College marketing campaign targeting potential students. The concept existed in the past, but the form, function, and style of each piece was completely revamped. Our small design team of 3 tackled the project alongside our VP of Marketing, copywriting staff, and other academic departments. Our job was to use strategic enrollment goals to guide us in creating materials that informed students about the options available to them at our college, and also helped them navigate the general college admissions process.

The track incorporated direct mail, HTML emails, social media, blog posts, and content on our dedicated admissions website, all which the students recieved in a specific order, based on when they entered our system. The topics ranged from educating students about scholarships and grants and academic or social opportunities, to information for parents, and more.

I was involved in crafting the overall style for this campaign, as well as designing individual pieces for both print and web. Many pieces were a collaborative effort, but the pieces below are ones I largely had ownership of. All illustration and icons used in the campaign are mine as well.